Canopy Range

Outdoor Living Solutions to suit Everyone

Custom-made by our experienced and knowledgeable team


Shade Design's Best Seller!!

  • Custom-made to any size or shape
  • Aluminium framing 
  • Strong structural PVC offers great UV protection 

Our PVC canopy is a must have! It gives you that peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your outdoor space safely protected all year round. 

With our PVC frame the design must be curved shaped to allow us to highly tension the structural PVC, giving you the best possible strength and look.

Aluminium profile is square 50×50 or 100×50 with either 50×50 or 75×75 posts depending on the design.

Fixed sheeted Frame

Polycarbonate, custom glaze, greca

  • Custom-made
  • Aluminium frame
  • 5 year warranty
  • 99.9% UV protection 

Our fixed sheeted frame offers you great UV protection, weather protection and extends your living space, making the most of your outdoor area. 

Every frame is custom designed and made to suit your house and needs. Depending on your roof profile it can be either curved or straight pitched shape.

All our frames are made from ALUMINIUM.

Aluminium profile is square 50×50 or 100×50 with either 75×75 posts or 50×50 posts depending on the design.

The polycarbonate range offers 99% UV protection. It is also translucent meaning you get the benefits of still allowing the light into your home.  

Our framing is powder-coated in any Dulux colour of your choice.

The sheets come with four colours available; bronze tint, grey tint, opal, or clear.



The modern style

  • Custom-made  
  • Aluminium frame 
  • 5 year warranty
  • 99.9% UV protection

Our Acrylic sheeted frame is the new modern look, giving you a glass look at affordable prices! 

The acrylic sheets are 99.9% UV protective.

It is a custom built Aluminium frame with 4.5mm or 6mm acrylic sheets.

99.9 % UV protection. 

Acrylic sheets come in; bronze tint, grey tint, opal, or clear.

Aluminium frame can be 50×50 square or 80×50 rectangular bars. 

Powder-coating available in any Dulux colour.